Sustainability has been a top priority for us since the beginning of our business activities.

The bottle crate is the most sustainable functioning reusable system for beverage bottles. Not only the content, but also the variety plays an important role. The bottom line: absolute added value for our environment.

The first bottle crate was produced in the 1960s and this still exists today in recycled form. With a service life of up to 15 years, a bottle crate has quite a bit of use time under its belt. It is then shredded into plastic granulate, which is used in its entirety for a new bottle crate. The recycled plastic thus serves as the starting material for a new bottle crate.

A modernization of your corporate design or a reaction to changes in consumer behavior can thus be implemented without waste generation and from 100% resources already in circulation.

Local instead of global

We are proud to have a solid and long-standing supplier base from the region. Through short transport routes and logistically efficient work, significantly less climate-damaging CO² is released.

However, we do not want to limit our contribution to sustainable solutions to this and for this reason we participate in the pro-K and IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V. Initiative „Null Granulatverlust“.

The principle is simple…

The aim is to minimize the loss of plastic granules through measures. In this way, flowing waters and oceans are protected from littering by the plastic packaging industry. We will continue to follow this path with great enthusiasm and plan further projects. Our long-term goal is to minimize or even completely avoid all litter as best we can! For this goal we give everything to realize this dream as soon as possible.