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Bottle crate production:

qualitative bottle crate
Printing of the bottle crates, up to six colours
Bottle crate with inmould technology
Bottle crate with GID technology
Disposal concepts for bottle crates
Tested quality according to STLB
Production in Germany

Flash box development:

competent contacts
lower project times and costs
Maintenance of customer tools

Startup or microbrewery?

We are the facilitators even for small quantities!

Our services in detail


Bottle crates are no longer just means of transport, they have become a complete representation of your quality products on the market. Together with you, your wishes or ideas, we realise new projects in the shortest possible time thanks to our privilege of in-house mould making. Put visions into practice. Nothing is unthinkable if creativity, up-to-date know-how and sound experience complement each other.

Mould making:

With our high-performance mould construction we bring your new box model after release of the design within shortest time to series production. From design and prototype construction to tool construction and free maintenance of customer-owned tools, you are in good hands with us.


We manufacture in 3-shift operation on fully electronic injection moulding machines with robots and conveyor technology. The production takes place under strict quality controls and in accordance with the STLB, which are carried out by trained employees in accordance with specified test instructions.


Another process for printing your products is time and cost saving screen printing. Up to 6 colours can be printed on our machines. Due to the possibility of screen printing, beautiful imprints can be realised as an alternative to the inmould process. With the inmould process, brilliant high-gloss prints in photo quality can be realised with our two systems. With this process, your corporate design is first optimally printed on a 2-layer foil using gravure printing. The print itself is located between the base film and the cover film and is therefore optimally protected. The film itself is injected with plastic during the manufacturing process of the bottle crate. The process originates from the automotive industry.


At the customer’s request, the crates are filled with the corresponding new and used bottles after completion. 


Flexibility and adherence to delivery dates for our customers are important to us. Consequently, we maintain our own trucks and have consciously decided against outsourcing despite higher costs. Of course we also work together with well-known forwarding agencies, so it is possible for us to transport your goods to any place on time at any time.


In view of the scarcity of natural resources and the associated need to handle existing goods sustainably, the obligation to use secondary materials arises. Of course, we also take care of the recycling of your crates and old crates. On request, we can take them back and feed them into our in-house old crate grinding system. We convert the recycled material into new crates for you or remunerate them at the current market price.

Design of bottle crates

Basically, a bottle crate should meet all the requirements of a beverage manufacturer, and optimally also those of the consumer.

In summary, a bottle crate should have the following characteristics:

powerful advertising medium
convenient handling
Fulfilment of all technical requirements of filling, storage and transport logistics
long life
sufficient stability
ecological harmlessness
We therefore offer our services, from the first customer discussion to a subsequent article drawing and a subsequent laser sintered part (hand sample) exclusively from our house.

In order to meet these requirements, the design of a new bottle crate requires comprehensive planning involving all parties involved, including the subsequent bottle crate tooling and design. This is made possible by the decades of experience of our toolmaking department, which guarantees the highest level of precision and quality with state-of-the-art CNC processing machines and 20 highly motivated employees.
The constellation, plastic production and mould construction, with the possibility of manufacturing bottle casings tools in-house, is unique in this industry.

Your advantages:

all competences under one roof
short project times
lower costs due to synergy effects
Maintenance of your tools

Convince yourself of our possibilities, we will gladly accompany you with your next projects.

Bottle crates for the beverage industry

We combine innovation with traditional values such as partnership and corporate social responsibility with a modern corporate philosophy in which employees, customers and suppliers pull together to achieve the best possible results.